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Whiskey Wedge - (Double Old Fashioned Glass + Silicone Ice Form)

Whiskey Wedge - (Double Old Fashioned Glass + Silicone Ice Form)

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Item Description:

· MaterialGlass + Food Grade Silicone

· Size10*6.7*7.3cm

· ColorBlack

· Item TypeWhiskey Wedge

· Quantity1 pc

· Weight600g  

· BrandComzendle  



· The perfect gift for whiskey lovers and design enthusiasts.

· Whiskey Wedge provides a more artful way to enjoy your favorite spirits; perfectly chilled but not quickly watered down.

· This innovative gadget is great for enjoying bourbon, whiskey, scotch, tequila, vodka or any of your favorite cocktails or liqueurs.

· The silicone ice form was specifically engineered to fit the square-bodied tumbler. When frozen, the mold creates a sophisticated ice luge that will chill your whiskey without watering it down like traditional ice cubes. This ensures a perfect chill with each sip.


How To Use:

· Place wedge form over the top of the glass.

· Pour water through wedge form until empty space in glass is full and freeze. 

· Sit flat in freezer for at least for 4 hours. Remove silicone form by pulling up on corner tab. If necessary pull on the form’s filling holes with two fingers. Once the ice form is removed, add drink of choice, and enjoy.


Package Included:

· 1 PCS X Double Old-Fashioned Whiskey Glass

· 1 PCS X Silicone Ice Form



· There is a good chance everyone who sees the Whiskey Wedge will feel compelled to ask what you’re drinking.